YCI - Youth for Change and Inclusion



Each spring, students from British Columbia unite for four days of speakers, games, activities, and discussion. They come away with skills and ideas that can be brought back to clubs, schools, and communities. YCI 2017 included youth from: Oak Bay, Central Middle, Vic High, Esquimalt, SJ Willis, Reynolds, Lambrick, Mt. Doug, Claremont, Belmont, Ladysmith, Wellington, and Van Tech. Participants representing many different religious spectrums attended YCI including Muslim youth, Christian youth and Jewish youth. In 2017 there were many youth who had been born in Canada but there were also immigrant or refugee youth from many countries including: Argentina, Philippines, China, South Africa, India, Iran, Syria, Turkey and many others.

The first YCI camp was run in 2003 with the financial support of Canadian Heritage and Coast Capital Savings. Subsequent camps have been run with the financial support of the Victoria Police Department, Coast Capital Savings and Victoria School District 61. Many of the schools have paid for partial teacher release costs and the police departments have supported YCI by allowing their employees to attend on work time. Many volunteers have attended on their own time.

How do I participate?

Participants attend the YCI Camp through their respective school (see the ‘mobilize’ page to see schools that participated last year).  If your school is not active in the YCI program but you would like to attend, please talk to your administration and have them contact us.  YCI 2018 is scheduled to take place at Camp Pringle from May 2-5th.


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